Managing my residual materials

Manage your waste and get help sorting various materials

Types of bulky

You have used home furnishing articles you wish to get rid of but they are too large for the bins? They are probably what we call bulky items. Based on where you live, collection of those items is usually done once a month. We invite you to consult your collection calendar to know when to take your bulky items to the curb.

Some articles have to be taken to your municipal ecocentre, such as the following materials:
  • CRD Materials (Construction, Renovation, Demolition)
  • Mechanical parts
  • Tires
  • Green residues such as large tree stumps and branches

Note that you may deposit authorized materials free of charge, by presenting proof of residence (subject to the quantity of materials brought in).

You will also find below a list of bulky items generally accepted in most ecocentre.
Furniture and appliances
Hot water tank
Electronics appliances

Types of plastics

Polythylene terephthalate

Common products
Soda and water bottles, cups, jars, trays, clamshells
Recycled products
Clothing, carpet, clamshells, soda and water bottles
High-density polythylene

Common products
Milk jugs, detergent and shampoo bottles, flower pots, grocery bag
Recycled products
Detergent bottles, flower pots, crates, pipe, decking
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Common products
Cleaning supply jugs, pool liners, twine, sheeting, automotive product bottles, sheeting
Recycled products
Pipe, wall siding, binders, carpet, backing, flooring
Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Common products
Bread bags, paper towels and tissue overwrap, squeeze bottles, trash bags, six-pack rings
Recycled products
Trash bags, plastic lumber, furniture, shipping envelopes, compost bins
Polypropylene (PP)

Common products
Yogurt tubs, cups, juice bottles, sraws, hangers, sand and shipping bags
Recycled products
Paint cans, speed bumps, auto parts, food containers, hangers, plant pots, razoe handles
Polystyrene (PS)

Common products
To-go containers and flatware, hot cups, razors, CD cases, shipping cushion, cartons, trays
Recycled products
Picture frames, crown molding, rulers, flower pots, hangers, toys, tape dispensers
Other types of plastic (and multi-layer products)

Common types and products
Polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, acrylic, PLA; bottles, safety glasses, CDs, headlight lenses
Recycled products
Electronic housings, auto parts