Frequently asked questions

Municipalities and citizens
It is 3 p.m. and the collection truck has not yet emptied my bins. Should I call before the end of the day, just in case?
You must wait until the day after to call about a missed collection, as collection may have been simply delayed.
I found a “billet de courtoisie” on one of my bins, indicating irregularities in the content. What should I do?
You should take out of the bin whatever material is not appropriate (as indicated) and put your bin back at the street on the next collection day. For any question, please call Compo Recycle at 450 882-9186 or 1 888 482-6676.
I have to get rid of an old clothes dryer. Will I have to pay something if I take it to the ecocentre?
Your ecocentre accepts recycling and composting surpluses, as well as bulky residential items free of charge
I cleaned up my shed and have a number of old paint and solvent containers that I wish to dispose of safely. I heard that hazardous waste should not be put in the garbage
Hazardous waste such as paint, and batteries, should be taken to the appropriate location. Visit your municipality’s page and see the hazardous household waste (HHW) section to find out more.
What should I do with ashes from the fireplace, or woodstove?
You may put ashes in your brown bin, but be careful, ashes must have a chance to cool off for at least 3 weeks in a metal container before you get rid of them. You may also use you cold ashes on snow or ice during the winter. Very effective!